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Frequently Asked Questions About Alaska Fishing

Do I need to place a deposit to secure my trip with Horizon West?

Yes, a $1000 deposit is required within 14 days of making your reservation.

Do I need to purchase a fishing license?

Yes, you can click here to purchase one online.

Can I take fish home?

Yes, you can. Horizon West will process your catch and box it up so it's airline compatible.

How do I deal with seasickness?

There's no reason to have your trip upset by seasickness. We can fish both "inside" (protected waters) and "outside" (in the ocean), depending on what suits you best. If you've had issues with seasickness previously we encourage you to talk to your doctor. There are several over-the-counter medications available that you may want to purchase in advance of your trip. The bottom line is there's no reason given the medications available and the way we operate our trips to make seasickness an issue.

What's the weather like?

Sitka's really pretty temperate through the summer months. Average temperature in August is 60 degrees but there are plenty of T-shirt days so come prepared. You'll want to bring comfortable rain gear…just in case. The average annual rainfall is 86". Horizon West boats have heated cabins so there's no problem staying warm and out of the elements but every so often a squall comes in and you'll want to bundle up if you want to continue fishing. The days are long all summer with days in June stretching to 16 hours or more! Summer is perfect timing for S.E. Alaska --- comfortable weather, long days and great fishing!

I'd like to bring the family…is that a good idea?

It's a great idea! Horizon West caters to families. Our fishing techniques are ideally suited to anglers of all skill levels and ages and Sitka is a wonderful travel destination for the family.

Can you help us plan an extended vacation?

You bet we can! We're experts on the area and are happy to recommend area attractions and places you'll want to see in S.E. Alaska. Southeast Alaska is an incredible travel destination filled with remarkable diversity, abundant wildlife and hundreds of unique activities and places to visit. Adding a few days or even weeks to your vacation is an excellent idea. Places like Juneau, Alaska's capital city, have some fun attractions like Mt. Roberts Tram that provides an amazing view of Gastineau Channel. You may want to take a side trip to Glacier Bay National Park

Any interesting factoids for Sitka?

Sure, there are dozens, like: Sitka has the largest incorporated city limits in the United States four times the size of the state of Rhode Island. Or, Sitka has the largest harbor system in the State of Alaska. Sitka was the Capital of Russian America up until 1867 when Russia sold Alaska to the United States for $7.2 million. The population of Sitka stands at a little more than 8,800 people , up from 1,100 in 1900!