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Bruce’s Blog for the week ending August 29th, 2021

This week’s blog is going to be titled, “predictable and parallels”. I’ll explain.

We left off last week’s episode of “Sitka deadliest catch”, where our heroes, the Fabulous 4, Captains Horizon Americas, were feverously fighting off marauding Coho, trying to overcome their boats, which in the course of saving there trusty steeds, several Coho lives were taken. OK, many Coho lives were taken, but in the end, they saved the world from total extinction, had a big BBQ, and lived happily ever after, unless you’re a Coho.

So, some people may remember the week a little differently than I, but I’m happy in my own little world, I’m just not sure what world that is.

So, this week started off much like last week ended, with blazing hot Silver Salmon catches, and calm weather. Our biggest dilemma was, do we go to the ocean for our Coho limits or go into the inside waters, both destinations were still red hot. But, as the week progressed and the weather started to worsen making options for our hot bites dry up as well. By the end of the week, we had nasty rain, 3”, nasty wind, and nasty seas, and to sum it all up, it was just plane shitty out there. That in turn, made it harder to find and stay on the fish. There were still some limits taken, but on the average, 12-18 fish per boat was pretty common.                        On the plus side, there were lots of 10-12 pound average salmon in the catches, with a few in the upper teens.                                                                                                                                                          As the last few trips of the year, and with it the end of our season approaching, were hoping for improving weather and in parallel, improving catches also.

We also are starting to see fish moving into the rivers, where we anticipate an early demise for some of them, if we have anything to say about it. I love chasing Coho in small bodies of water on lite tackle.

As the end of our season fast approaches, this will be my last in season Blog this year. I will follow in a few weeks with an end of season wrap up and introduce some exciting new additions for the next season. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my wandering reports. It means a lot to me. It means I’m not alone in my alternative universe, and I appreciate it. I’ll be back next year, and you can take that as a promise or a threat either way, I hope to see you all back also.

So, until then, with tears in my eyes, “Keep Wishin’ to go Fishin”




Bruce’s Blog for the week ending August 22nd, 2021

OK fellow Bloggers, you’ve been waiting for it all summer. It’s just around the corner. Wait for it, WAIT for it, WAIT FOR IT. Here it comes.

HOT bite! SMOKIN HOT BITE! SMOKIN RED HOT BITE! SMOKIN WHITE HOT RED HOT BITE!! Damn, it’s really good in case you didn’t get my drift. How good is it you ask? It’s so good that even if you were 105 years old, on life support, totally projectile vomiting seasick and passed out drunk, even you could catch a Coho right now, it’s that good.

 After weeks of scratchy Salmon fishing, limits one day followed by days of fishing hard for 8-18 silvers, things finally swung into full gear last week. Not just limits but fast limits. Not only that, they seem to be everywhere. Because Mother Nature, which is what I call the weather goddess (last week she was the weather bitch), has forced us to fish inside the last 2 weeks, we hadn’t had much chance to try our luck in the Ocean. But this week, that window opened up and lo and behold, it’s full of Coho. So now we’re faced with a dilemma (in a quandary if you will) where do we go? With fish from the Ocean to Peril straights, oh so many choices, it’s hard to think straight. My captains are giddy, drunk with fish options, all of them good.

For weeks now, I’ve been saying “the water is cold making the fish late, but there still coming”, and mostly it was total bullshit, but I’m looking pretty smart now, Eh’. I like it when a plan comes together. It also helps that for years, ADF&G has stated that the peak of the Coho run is around the 17th of August. I don’t know how they know that but contrary to what I’ve said about their intelligence level, they’re looking pretty smart right now also.

All in all, a good week. Wish you were here.

Not much new to report on the bottom action, about the same. Plenty of critters around, and when the boys made it back out to the ocean, found some of the biggest Sea Bass I’ve ever seen. Still seeing a fair amount of large Halibut as well.

That’s about all for this week, and it should be enough to satisfy even the most demented bloggers. With Silvers starting to enter our streams, I’ll be busy next week but will try and be on time with my Blog. Until then, Stay safe, and hug family members often.